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The ARTA Accommodation Assessment.

Have your property independently rated using the ARTA Consumer Rating System.

The ARTA Rating System

ARTA, has its own national accommodation rating system available to ALL accommodation properties in Australia through our ARTA website and publications.
Ratings can be used in all forms of advertising, promotions, and on this and other sites and must have the diamond rating and ARTA (™) to avoid confusion.
The system is consumer driven. Guests at your property rate your premises as they find them on the particular day they stay.
The advantage of this system is that the people who make the assessment actually experience the property. Just as you would not accept a recommendation to a restaurant by someone who has not actually dined there, all the factors which attach to any premises should be considered in rating it.
Hidden advantages and disadvantages will be experienced by someone who is staying as a guest, rather than by a clinical examination, no matter how experienced, which does not allocate points for additional services which they do not encounter. For example, how many points should be awarded for someone preparing a special breakfast for a guest with particular dietary needs, for assisting disabled persons into their unit or room, or organising tours and tickets, and the hundred other things which operators are called upon to do as special services for guests.
Those asked to rate a premises should have a knowledge of Australian accommodation standards and, in the most part, should be sales representatives, regular travellers, and be prepared to take the 10 minutes or so to fill in the form.
  • Forms are then sent to the ARTA head office for assessment.
  • Several units at a property will be assessed in a nominated week by guests staying in those rooms, and the results calculated using a specially designed programme and ratings logarithms written and developed by ARTA.
  • The ARTA rating can be used in any advertising or promotion under license without additional payment or royalties.
    Any other assessment ratings can be used additionally to the ARTA rating.
  • ARTA ratings will usually be slightly above existing ratings because they include facilities and services not assessed under current programmes.
  • At the end of the form assessment, guests filling out the form will be asked to give their personal assessment of the premises and whether they consider it above or below any current rating.
  • All ratings will begin with the existing rating and points will be added for attitude and service. Percentages may be used.
  • All persons filling in the forms must be contactable for any queries relating to their submissions.
  • ARTA ratings and a list of facilities for all participating will be available on the ARTA website which includes listings of most Australian accommodation suppliers.
  • Transfers with the ARTA assessment rating will be available for display on front doors or elsewhere.
    The ARTA system is designed to provide a rating method for all properties which can be used in advertising and promotion after 30/6/2011. It is also a much fairer assessment with consumers actually providing a personal recommendation of any property.
    Your cooperation in establishing this assessment system will provide an excellent additional service for operators and the public to choose their accommodation.
    To add your property to those already using the ARTA system please Download the application form and submit them, or ring 03 6272 0244 or Fax 03 6272 0255.
    Enquiries should be made to
    The annual fee for assessment is $50.00 with subsequent years at $25.00. Transfers with your rating for display on your door or window are $10.00 each.
    Other signage is also available.

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