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How to list your Winery in the ARTA On-Line Store

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There are three options available for listing in the ARTA Winery database.
1. A Basic Listing.
A basic listing is what you see when you search the database from the front page. The results give the name, address, and contact details, open hours, an email direct link to your mailbox, and 50 words as a brief description of your tours. It can also include available services such as restaurant or BBQ area, family facilities and labels.
The user can search by name, town, state, label and touring area.
A comprehensive input form ensures your listing reflects your business correctly. Your UserName and Password can be used at any time to alter your information if your hours change or you have new vintages. You can also add a photograph of the premises or a label by emailing it to us for adding to your listing.
This listing costs $49.50 per annum.

2. A Full Listing.
This listing provides the above details returned from the search form but has a 'MORE' button on your listing which opens a web page from our server which has extensive details on property, 2 photographs, an interactive map showing where you are exactly, detailed opening hours and facilities, and a direct link to your own website. You can add up to 300 words as a description of your tours, add special deals, dining facilities and all your other features.
This listing costs $99.00 per annum.

3. A Downloadable DL Brochure.(21x10cm)
A link from your listing will download your on-line brochure anywhere in the world.
Get your message across to visitors via your own brochure. We will scan it into our site and provide a direct link as a PDF file so it can be viewed on-line or in the visitors own computer at any time.
This feature costs $99.00 per annum.

All the above for the package price of $198.00 P.A.
All prices include GST.

  • To purchase any of the above select one option from the list below.

    You can add or edit any of the details of your listing at any time using your own UserName and Password.

  • Basic Listing
  • Basic Winery listing in the ARTA Database. No 1 above.
  • Full Listing
  • Full Winery listing in the ARTA Database. No 2 above.
  • Brochure Download
  • PDF brochure download from our site. No 3 above.
  • Full Package
  • Full Winery Package in the ARTA Database. No 4 above.

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